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 We are located in Fergus Falls, MN and have been providing nutritionally dense, sustainably raised vegetables for over 30 years. We only sell through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, which means people sign up to become members of our farm and receive fresh produce all season long.


2016!! - Exciting planning is in the works!!



          Bluebird Gardens 2016!!!

As you know, Bluebird Gardens continues to evolve to find the best way for our customers to receive our nutritionally dense produce.  We have learned from the last six years that our customers want choice, convenience and connection to the farm.  

The years of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pre-packed boxes were super convenient with 80 drop off locations throughout the area.  But how do you give each member exactly what they want each week with that plan?  That prompted this year's Build Your Own Box at the Truck.

Build Your Own Box at the Truck proved to be a wonderful reunion each week between CSA member and their farm.  Members got to choose what they wanted to put in the box.  I totally loved getting to know the CSA members at the truck locations I did each week.  The only problems with this model were:

~   Going from fifty drop off locations in Fargo/Moorhead to only five truck locations meant a lack of convenience for some.

~  As much as we loved doing the truck locations, it required immense time of staff off the farm.  We became the store.  How do we keep the farm running when many are gone with the trucks four days a week?

Build Your Own Box at the Truck is still a very strong option for next year.  We sensed a lot of excitement for it and feel it would grow enough to eventually fund the farm.  In fact, Jesse is working right now on an interactive Bluebird Gardens website for Build Your Own Box at the Truck.

BUT...  is there a better way for you to receive our produce??  One option we are considering is summed up in a website Jesse made for grocery stores.  Check it out at bluebirdgoesgrocery.com  (Jesse's work is outside the box.  If you would like to have him build a website that is out of the ordinary, let me know and I will connect you to him!)  We are looking for a grocery chain in each area that has the vision to realize what would happen to their overall customer base and sales if they, through us, became the "Local Produce Store".  People want to know the story of their food.  They want to know their farmer.  What we would like to do for each item of produce we have in the store is to have pictures of that story... from planting to harvest.  We would love to have videos going in that store featuring what we do on our farm from cover crops, to weeding and to harvest.  Following are some advantages with this possible plan:

~  You would have the chance to shop when it works for you, day or night.  No remembering when you need to go to the truck.  No needing to fill a whole box when all you need is a few things from your farm.

~  Jesse is a master with all social media.  Part of his job would be to connect you with your farm.

~ It would be fresh daily.  It would become your air conditioned Farmers Market!!  For that lucky store or chain, it would bust loose the stigma that grocery store produce is bad.  That store or chain would become the exclusive source for getting our produce.

~  We would actually have time to farm.  We would have more time to do what we have to do to raise quality produce.

~  We would offer harvest event tickets at the store.  You would still have your connection to your farm.

All plans are still tentative.  Fergus Falls and Perham are getting very close to being the store model. We are getting closer to finding the lucky chain in Fargo/Moorhead.    We haven't met with anyone yet in Detroit Lakes and Breckenridge/Wahpeton.

The one thing we know for sure is this.  We want to find the best, most convenient way for you to get our produce and still feel connected to your farm.  That's what these last six years have been about... finding that way!!

Why does it even matter??  The answer is wrapped up in the miracle of biological farming.  Biological farming is empowering the biology in the soil to feed the minerals and organic matter to the plant, thus allowing the plant to make complete enzymes and proteins that not only bring incredible flavor, but allow health to happen. All through calcium, the micro-nutrients and cover crops that add organic matter to the soil.  That's why the beets taste like dessert in the middle of your meal, why the potatoes taste like candy, why the carrots tingle your toes and why the broccoli is the best you have ever had.

Whether it is Build Your Own Box at the Truck or the grocery store model, we WILL be back finding the best, most convenient way for you to have access to our produce!

The future of your farm is exciting.  I will keep you posted!!





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