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    For thirty-nine years, Bluebird Gardens brought our produce to the beautiful people of this area!  For a multitude of reasons, 2016 was our last year.  In our evolution to find the best way to bring our produce to everyone, we discovered last summer it was not the stores, but instead the Fill Your Own Five Gallon Pail for $15.  It was a CSA without strings and allowed anyone to be part of the farm.

As we make this gigantic change, it gives me the chance to renew my other passion - teaching!!  I have been subbing this winter and totally love it.  However, I am renewing my license to go back full time.  While I would love to continue teaching here locally right where I left off when I retired in 2009, it appears the doors are opening toward teaching in Arizona.  I already have a job for 2017 beginning in mid-July and possibly one this spring as well.  I look forward to riding bike year round, something I had no time for the last thirty-nine years. I also look forward to a year round garden...a manageable one, that is!

We will miss the beautiful connections to amazing people that have been cultivated over the decades.  We will love you all forever.

We know a lot of you built up a special bond with your farm over the years and we want to let you know that you have a chance to still be part of it.  This website will be changed over the coming weeks to show you how.  Our house is for sale, land and machinery will be sold in an auction on April 4 and 5.  Beyond the tillable land, there are five beautiful building sites that will be sold separately, one facing the magic woods.

We are going to sell the house ourselves.  A separate page on this website is dedicated strictly to the house, which sits on five acres.  If you are interested in the house, make an offer.    We are planning on a mid-June closing.  Call me at 218-205-4739 if you would like a showing.

We are planning on a rummage sale in the basement of our house.  It will begin soon and will keep you posted.  Our address is 26060 Co Hwy 18, Fergus Falls, MN.  This first one will feature household decor, kitchen everything,  Christmas and collectible Christmas glassware and dishes, tools, clothing and more.  Many sales will happen throughout the coming months.  

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